Handling with Care.


Cherubini Yachts maintains a dry storage yard for those who aren't sailing south for the winter or need to just keep it someplace where it will be cared for. Our facility easily accessible, just a few miles up the deep Delaware River from Philadelphia. Hauling is performed by our adjoining neighbor, Riverside Marina. The Riverside travel lift can accommodate boats up to 35 tons with a 16-foot beam and 7-foot draft. The boat is then hauled, bottom powerwashed, and placed in the Cherubini Yard and properly blocked.



Boat owners are welcome to perform all the routine seasonal maintenance, minor repairs and cosmetic work in our yard (spray-painting is not allowed). If you find you can use some help, Cherubini Yachts can provide professional guidance and service. Electricity and water are available and a restroom during regular business hours.

We ask that owners provide a tarp to put under the boat prior to blocking to catch debris. Professional contractors must be fully insured and registered with the yard office before they begin work on your boat.

Marine supplies, sail loft, canvas shop, hardware stores, auto supply stores, welding and machine shops are all nearby. It is a 10- to 15-minute drive northeast from the Betsy Ross or Tacony-Palmyra bridges, convenient to boat owners in the Philadelphia and southern New Jersey region.

Ask about our concierge services! Keep your boat fresh and new every year. Have work done and your boat ready. 

Storage Rates 

STARTING Oct. 1, 2016, FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY, Cherubini Yachts LLC is offering HALF OFF outdoor basic winter yard storage for boats. Good while there's still room in the yard! This does not pertain to Miscellaneous Rates, Transient Rates or boats on trailers. As of Oct 1, 2016: Must mention this half-off special at time of signing up for storage in order to get special rate and sign up for three years of storage: one at regular rates and two discounted. 

(Rates are for a 6-month minimum. The winter storage season runs Oct. 15th  through April 15th. The summer season runs April 15th to Oct. 15th.)

Boats on Trailers

$30 per foot (plus 7% N.J. sales tax)

Yard Storage Fee Schedule (all fees, plus 7% N.J. sales tax)

(Outdoor storage does not include haul, bottom wash, block and re-launch in the spring.)


All sizes above 20': $42/ft (Half is $21.)

NO CHARGE for additional boat stands


Up to 25': $29/ft (Half is $14.50.)

26' to 30': $34/ft (Half is $17.)

31' and 39': $39/ft (Half is $19.50.)

40' plus: $42/ft (Half is $21.)

(NO EXTRA CHARGE for boats out of water for more than a year.)

Miscellaneous Rates

  1. Trailer Storage per season: $200
  2. Mast Storage: $100 per mast, per season
  3. Outboard Storage $138 per season (up to 15hp)
  4. Boats on trailers: $10/foot/month, pay upfront monthly. 
  5. Other boats: around $25 per foot, for hauling, washing, blocking, launching

$10/foot/month for storage

Payment schedule: At haul out: $15/foot

Dec. 31: 6 months storage

At launch: around $10/foot plus excess storage

For delayed launching, storage will be billed monthly.

6. Masts. Taking out and putting in masts will be roughly $150 each way, presuming we can bring in a crane and service several boats at the same time. Consult yard management about scheduling this. Owners provide your own sawhorses.

Transient Rates

Short-term dry storage rate: $0.50/ft per day


Complete payment for storage at Cherubini Yachts LLC must be made before the boat enters the yard.

Owners must provide original valid boat registrations (we will photocopy this and return it immediately) and original "Certificate of Marine Insurance." In addition, The Company must be named as additional insured.

Owners must review and sign our storage contract and be in full compliance with all of its terms as well as all rules pertaining to boat storage and yard operation.

Owners must provide ground cover (blue tarp or equivalent) at least as long as the boat and twice as wide prior to hauling.

Owners must lower and remove roller-furled jibs from the jib stays. Furled jibs will suffer damage from UV and flapping during the winter and will also increase windage and vibrations which can result in a boat falling over. It is best to remove the jib prior to haul-out. Our cherubs are happy to help you with this task.

Terms of agreement will renew after 6 months unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to earn your business. We look forward to having you in our yard.

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